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    Therapy for Depression

    Do you sometimes wonder why other people seem to have it all together and you don’t?

    You look around and see people thriving. They seem happy and satisfied with their life. They have family who seem supportive and loving. Then you think about your own family and remember some of the stuff you’ve dealt with over the years. Perhaps you grew up in an environment of arguments, yelling, and family members calling you names.

    You wish things were different because you love them, but it’s hard to communicate with them. They’ve hurt you. You feel lonely, misunderstood, and discouraged. Unfortunately, when you get out and try to talk to others, you realize that part of you feels that you don’t belong there. You feel ashamed about what others might think of you as if they were able to read your mind and see what you think about yourself. To protect yourself you either hide from others, become defensive when someone hurts you, or maybe you become a people pleaser to obtain some affection. You don’t like yourself and even call yourself names. Deep inside you know this is not you.

    You blame yourself for things that go wrong in your life. You can’t stop your inner chat, scolding yourself about why you didn’t do/say things differently. You hold yourself to higher standards and treat yourself poorly for not being perfect, for making mistakes. Even if someone else is responsible for something that didn’t go right, you insist in making yourself believe that it was your fault. My clients want to be at peace with themselves. They want to learn to enjoy life and come to terms with who they are. Many of my clients don’t know how to treat themselves well because they are used to self-judging.

    Many of my clients are loving and caring towards others while at the same time they feel disconnected from others. They also self-critical. Therapy may be good for you if:

    ·   You are struggling with your relationships

    ·   Can’t let go of negative thoughts about yourself

    ·   Feel resentful and upset towards others

    ·   Feel unmotivated to take action

    ·   Hide your feelings to avoid confrontation

    You wish your life was different

    My goal is to help you become the person you want to be, embrace your uniqueness, and learn to love yourself just as you are. During our session, I won’t be asking you a bunch of questions, lecture you, or tell you what to do. Instead, we will work together to find coping skills that fit your style and that will help you to come to terms with who you are.

    During our initial session, I’d like to get to know about you, your background and your current struggles to get a better understanding of your needs. Then, together we’ll decide what goal you would like to work on. I love working with clients who are ready to experience a change in their life, it is important that you are willing to open up with me. I know this can be scary, especially because you don’t know me yet, but I hope I can earn your trust. The more I know about you the more I can help you.

    Keep in mind:

    1. What you tell me in session is confidential. ( There are some exceptions of confidentiality that I will tell you about when we meet).

    2. Processing your challenges might take time. However, the tools that you are about to learn will help you to feel gradually better.

    3. I strongly recommend you practicing the tools you learn throughout the week. The more you practice, the better you will feel. Thus, please practice, practice, practice!

    Therapy is a process of growth and exploration. There are many tools we can use that can help. However, I always encourage my clients to let me know if a tool is not working that much as we can explore different ways to help you feel better.

    You deserve a better life. A life full of healthy relationships in which you feel loved and accepted by the people who love you but most importantly, by yourself. I’d love to help you get there.